the Way lies in what is near

(Adapted from the Mengzi 4A11)

The Way lies in what is near,
but people seek it in what is distant;
one's task lies in what is easy,
but people seek it in what is difficult.
If everyone would treat their kin as kin,
and their elders as elders,
the world would be at peace.

Now I invite you to join me in shared reflection with this text.

Consider the following:

  1. Have I sought to find the way in what is distant instead of what is near?
  2. Have I neglected to fullfill obligations that are easy, to aim at challenges that are hard?
  3. When have I not treated my kin as kind, and my elders as elders?

And now, a benediction.

May you have the wisdom to discern every step;
may you have the patience to go without stumbling;
go in peace! walk humbly wherever you ought to walk.