every day I examine myself

I invite you to join me in shared reflection on the following questions.

(Adapted from the Analects 1.4)

Zengzi said,

Every day I examine myself on three counts:
In my dealings with others,
have I in any way failed to be dutiful?
In my interactions with friends and associates,
have I in any way failed to be trustworthy?
have I in any way failed to put into practice what I teach?

And now, a benediction.

(Adapted from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, V.9)

Fret not,
neither despond nor be disheartened,
if it be not always possible
for you to act
according to your principles of perfection.

If you are beaten off,
return again to the effort,
and content yourself
that your conduct
is generally such as becomes a decent person.

Love the good to which you return.